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Effective financial communication will substantially improve the amount you collect from patients and reduce bad debt. This is not a one-size fits all approach—the conversation should be specific to each patient’s needs and preferences.

Cost reductions are driven not by a lower print cost, but by encouraging patients to pay earlier, reducing the average number of statement cycles and utilizing lower-cost channels to communicate, among others. Apex delivers a more effective and cohesive financial communication strategy to help you reduce the overall cost of securing payments from patients.

Delivering consistent communication to patients at all points of their medical experience is critical to your brand and patients’ satisfaction. By understanding your patients and tailoring your financial conversation to their unique needs you will provide them with a better overall experience and instill loyalty to your facility!

Apex provides transparency and control in patient billing through easy access to patient statements, billing history and reporting—making support teams more efficient and of better service to your patients.

With Apex, 83% of electronic payments are made before the due date. Meeting patients where they are (mobile, tablet, desktop, point-of-service) and providing an easy way to pay will help reduce your AR Days Outstanding.

We understand that security is of the utmost importance when handling your patient data. Apex is both PCI and HIPAA compliant—we even offer simple solutions to reduce your PCI compliance scope and fraud liability.