Easy + Convenient Online Payments

Online Payments

An All-New, Personalized Payment Experience

The way patients manage their financial obligations is constantly evolving. Patients not only want to interact online, they expect it. Offering more payment options makes you flexible. Offering the right payment options will enhance each patient’s experience with your brand, improve patient satisfaction, and boost your financial results. 
Apex’s award-winning self-service payment portal has long been the industry’s most user-friendly option, resulting in high adoption. With our new online portal, we take the patient financial experience to the next level, leveraging a deep understanding about each patient to personalize their experience. The dashboard suggests payment resolution and user experience options based on what we know about the patient for greater clarity and convenience, and better results. 

Satisfy Your Patients and Your CFO

Apex allows patients to flexibly manage their healthcare financial obligations, and those of their family members, in one integrated, responsive portal. On the average, 50% of payments for our clients are made electronically, with unmatched patient satisfaction ratings averaging 95%.
By increasing the rate of online payments made you will see dramatic results:
  • 350% increase in online revenues (on the average)
  • Savings in lockbox processing
  • Reduced print & postage costs by driving e-adoption and reducing billing cycles 
  • Reduce call center volume & call times
  • Save time and reduce errors related to payment posting
  • Fully PCI and HIPAA compliant