Patients are Worth More than Their Balance

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Patients are Worth More than Their Balance

Patients today have more choices of where to go for healthcare. Provide patients with the sense that “you know them” by personalizing their billing and payment experience. Not only is that a more compassionate way to communicate – but patients will be more likely to choose your facility in the future.                         


Patients Are More Inclined to Pay When They Can Pay Their Way

A really good physician experience followed by a terrible billing experience can sever patient loyalty. Maintaining consistency in patient communications is critical to your brand and your patients’ satisfaction. Apex can help. We make targeted patient financial communications easy and more effective.

  • Tailored messaging across multiple channels and touch points
  • Easy to understand statements and online communications
  • Flexible payment options
  • Seamless patient support
  • Two question patient survey to measure satisfaction